Students in New York City's public schools speak 167 native languages. More than 1 in 10 have limited English proficiency. LCT meets this challenge head-on through its LEAD (Learning English and Drama) Project.

The LEAD Project is an 18-session, year-long collaboration between an LCT teaching artist and an ESL classroom teacher that promotes both English language acquisition and learning in theater. The LEAD Project places equal emphasis on collaborative planning and teaching.

"I strongly feel that this program has helped our students advance their English skills, build self esteem, and understand theater."

— Carmen Rivera, Principal, I.s. 235, Academy for New Americans

Through improvisation, theater games and exploration of movement and voice, students gain:

  • Greater fluency and confidence in speaking
  • Tools for self-expression and collaborative learning

The LEAD Project culminates in a presentation that allows students to synthesize and share all that they have learned.

Participants meet regularly at LCT and form a mutually supportive community of teaching artists and teachers committed to pairing the arts and English language learning.