Help LCT inspire young imaginations with a gift to our Open Stages Education Program! 

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All season long, more than 4,000 New York City public high school students take their rightful places in our audience. For some, Open Stages means a first visit to the theater and to Lincoln Center. Both the students and the theater are transformed. 

"In a world that puts a premium on competition, I'm so grateful that, from an early age, I was exposed to the COLLABORATIVE nature of theater. It changed my world view and gave me that most valuable and necessary tool: empathy. We can use the joy of theater to pass inclusiveness along to the next, increasingly open-minded generation."

— Christian Borle

Your fully tax-deductible contribution goes 100% into bringing the unforgettable experience of live theater to New York City's public school students, on our stages and in their classrooms.

Your gift of $50 sends one student to an LCT matinee and post show talk-back with the cast.

Your gift of $75 furnishes classroom materials for a theatrical design challenge for 90 students.

Your gift of $125 puts a teaching artist in a classroom for a theater workshop.

Your gift of $250 provides resource guides to Open Stages classroom teachers to prepare their students for an upcoming show at LCT.

Your gift of $500 buys copies of a Shakespeare play for 150 students.

Your gift of $1,000 gives 25 students two in-class theater workshops AND free tickets to an LCT matinee and post-show talk-back with the cast.

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