Though Lincoln Center Theater’s stages are currently closed, we’d like to invite kids, teachers, and families to use our shows as a springboard to fun, creative activities. These activities are self-directed and designed for theater makers ages 10 and up.

"All I Want... ": A MY FAIR LADY Songwriting Activity

In many musicals, characters break into song in moments of heightened emotion. At the beginning of MY FAIR LADY, the main character, Eliza Doolittle sings about wanting to change her life. Here’s an activity that will allow you to learn more about Eliza, and to add a verse to one of her best-known songs, “Wouldn’t It Be Loverly.”

Dressing Eliza: A MY FAIR LADY Costume Design Activity

In this activity, you’ll learn more about the team of designers who worked together to bring Lincoln Center Theater’s 2018 production of MY FAIR LADY to the stage. You’ll have a chance to delve into the period in which MY FAIR LADY is set and research working class women’s clothing in London in 1912. Finally, you can create your own costume for Eliza.