In my months of stalking stories for "War Horse," certainly one of the most vivid moments occurred this past Sunday afternoon. As theatergoers were making their way through Lincoln Center's main plaza, they could not help but notice a huge white tent and that had been set up in front of Avery Fisher Hall. Emblazoned on the sides of the tent were giant posters that said "War Horse. World Premiere." It seemed as if all of Lincoln Center was, for a moment, devoted to the story of Joey and Albert. As I was walking through the area I overheard two women - one middle-aged, one young - conduct the following conversation with an official outside the tent. 

Middle-aged Woman: Is this Lincoln Center Theater? 

Burly Security Guy: No, this is "War Horse." 

Middle-aged Woman: But we're on our way to "War Horse." So this must be the right place. 

Security Guy: No, this is the movie version. You want the stage version. (gestures) I think it's over there. 

Middle-aged Woman: Does our ticket to the play entitle us to come see the movie afterward? 

Security Guy: No. 

Young Woman: Thank God. I didn't dress for the red carpet. 

Brendan Lemon is the American theater critic for the Financial Times and the editor of