Everyone who has ever lived in New York City knows that moving to a new place here is a pain in the you-know-what. Finding the perfect place near the right subway line. Packing. Unpacking. And that one box that will stay untouched in the corner of the new place until you have company over or it's time to move again. I've moved twice already since living here and just renewed a lease to avoid doing it again. But finally, I feel like I am going to have my dream Moving Day. It's almost time to move into the Claire Tow Theater, the new home of LCT3, Lincoln Center Theater's program dedicated to producing the work of new artists and building new audiences.

If you're confused at my excitement in having to pack up files and papers and get set up in a new space, let me explain. For the past three years, LCT3 has been renting theater space in midtown for its productions of new plays by emerging playwrights. Now, after being so many blocks away from Lincoln Center Theater's other two houses, the Vivian Beaumont and the Mitzi E. Newhouse, LCT3 will finally have its own home, right on our roof. Plus, we also have some brand-new office space. Which means a few LCT staff members, myself included, will be moving out of the basement and up to the roof. I cannot wait.

Proximity to Lincoln Center is not the only reason why the Claire Tow Theater will be a boon to LCT3. The Claire Tow Theater is the first new performing arts space to be built at Lincoln Center since the 1960s. The building features a beautiful new proscenium stage, a terrace with views of Lincoln Center, and a bar that will be open before and after the show with wallet-friendly options for drinks and even a light meal. The Claire Tow Theater is also a green building. We're in the process of becoming LEED certified by the U.S. Green Building Council, which means that the building is eco-friendly and energy efficient. Best of all, tickets to all LCT3 shows will still be just $20. As an employee, I can't wait for my new office space. But as a theater-goer, I'm excited to come to a new space featuring works from emerging artists for only $20 per ticket, followed by a cocktail on the terrace.

So next week when I move, it's not going to be the usual headache of bubble wrap and cardboard boxes. Instead, I'll get to take in the scent of a new building, the excitement of a new theater, the views from the terrace, and the promise of the next generation of theater artists and audiences about to walk through the door. 

The Claire Tow Theater will open on June 4th with the world premiere of SLOWGIRL by Greg Pierce, directed by Anne Kauffman. See you there!

Rebecca Benen is the Digital Marketing Associate at Lincoln Center Theater. You can follow her on Twitter @LCTheater.