• Buddhism Arrives at the Beaumont

    This past Tuesday, Lincoln Center Theater held a platform talk entitled “Life Imitates Life, Again and Again,” in the Vivian Beaumont lobby.

  • Rebecca Taichman on Directing THE OLDEST BOY

    Rebecca Taichman on Directing THE OLDEST BOY

    Sarah Ruhl, the author of THE OLDEST BOY, and Rebecca Taichman, its director, have known each other for almost a decade, but the new play, which involves an inter-cultural couple’s choice in the context of Tibetan Buddhism, marks an especially significant moment in their collaboration.

  • Tea-Time in Tibet

    And so, on the first cold morning of October, a morning so cold that no one dared any longer to wear shorts and flip-flops on the morning dog walk, I made hot butter tea. I had made a mental note to do so ever since reading the first scene of THE OLDEST BOY.

  • What Happened at the First Preview?

    Last night, before the first preview of THE OLDEST BOY, a feeling of preternatural calm pervaded the hallways backstage of the Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater.

  • It's Tech Time!

    The table is being set for this Thursday’s first preview.

  • An Interview with Sarah Ruhl

    An Interview with Sarah Ruhl

    Sarah Ruhl’s new play, THE OLDEST BOY, is dedicated to her three children – 8-year-old Anna, and 4-year-old twins, William and Hope -- and to their Tibetan nanny, Yangzom.