• Opening Night Arrives

    Opening Night Arrives

    All I can say is that I’ve seen the show twice and hope to find a way to slip in again.

  • OSLO Montage

    OSLO Montage

    Watch a montage of scenes from OSLO.

  • Bartlett Sher Talks About OSLO

    Bartlett Sher Talks About OSLO

    "The longer I’ve worked on OSLO the more I’m convinced it is about the following question: how do you bring implacable foes together into a room and get them to communicate?"

  • Props for Props

    Props for Props

    Were I forced to shape a TV reality show around just one backstage professional, I would have to choose the props supervisor.

  • The First Preview

    The First Preview

    “Before every first performance, my heart used to pound so hard I thought it would leave my body,” said Richard Burton.