• Night at the Museum

    Night at the Museum

    In the Israeli-Palestinian talks at the heart of OSLO, the displacement of people is a negotiating point. This week, it was the play’s cast who changed places.

  • Jennifer Ehle Talks OSLO

    Jennifer Ehle Talks OSLO

    “With a well-written character, you’re always finding new caverns, sink pits, trap doors. Mostly, there’s been the joy of being able to add beads to my performance.”

  • Suggestions for Reading

    Suggestions for Reading

    The Oslo peace accord has spawned not only J.T. Rogers’ marvelous play but a whole literature about what took place during those months in 1993.

  • Jefferson Mays: Elements of Style

    Jefferson Mays: Elements of Style

    There aren’t many actors who come to work wearing a pith helmet. Then again, there aren’t many actors like Jefferson Mays.

  • Anthony Azizi's Journey to OSLO

    Anthony Azizi's Journey to OSLO

    OSLO has made him think harder about the positions of both Palestinians and Israelis. “I can understand both sides,” Azizi said.