The director Peter Brook once said that "the audience in a theater is at least as important as the actors." On some nights at South Pacific, I've noticed that the audience is not only as important as the performers; they're as entertaining, too. Here's a sample of some of what I've overheard a few theatergoers saying in the lobby at intermission.

Man Wearing an Obama Tee-shirt: Do you think Barack will see this show?

Female Friend: Not until the election's over.

Obama Man: What about Hillary?

Female Friend: Same answer.

Obama Man: And McCain? He was in the Navy. He might like it.

Female Friend: He doesn't need to see it.

Obama Man: Why?

Female Friend: I'm sure he saw the original production.

<c>* * *</c>

Thirtysomething man: Do you think Matthew Morrison does sit-ups backstage before his shirtless scene?

Thirtysomething man: Matthew Morrison must do sit-ups in his sleep.

<c>* * *</c>

Woman Wearing Beige Pants Suit: The actors in A New Century [the Paul Rudnick play currently at LCT's Mitzi Newhouse Theater] were so good that I'll bet they could be the replacement cast for South Pacific.

Woman Wearing Navy-Blue Pants Suit: You must be joking.

Beige Woman: No. Just think about it. Christy Pusz could be Nellie. Mike Doyle could be Cable. Peter Bartlett would be hilarious as Billis. And Jayne Houdyshell would make a terrific Bloody Mary.

Second Woman: What about de Becque?

First Woman: That's a problem. Not even Linda Lavin is that versatile.

<c>* * *</c>

Son: Mary Martin, Mary Martin, Mary Martin. I'm sick of hearing you go on and on about Mary Martin. Shut up already!

Mother: I'm sure Mary Martin's real-life son didn't talk to her like you're talking to me.

Son: Mary Martin's real-life son played J.R. on "Dallas." I'm sure he spoke up plenty.

<c>* * *</c>

Teenage Boy: Is this show's cast recording available yet through iTunes?

His Mother: I don't think so.

Teenage Boy: So there must be video highlights from this show on YouTube.

Young Woman: I doubt it.

Teenage Boy:But there aren't any empty seats tonight. How did so many people find out about this?

Mother: Their mothers must told them.

Editor's Note: The cast recording of South Pacific will be released by Masterworks Broadway on May 27.