So, as I mentioned in my last blog entry, Brian Kerwin was the one who made the analogy of the actor being like a detective, putting together pieces of a puzzle to try to solve a mystery. Let me share an example of the kind of detective work this cast is doing. Not to give too much of the plot away, but scene 2 of the play finds us in Joe's apartment, Sara and Joe having just returned from meeting in a bar. Ellen's stage direction reads simply, "Alcohol has been consumed." 

Brian and Marin spent lots of time dissecting what exactly transpired in that initial meeting at the bar. Did he come up to her or did she approach him? Was her brother Sam still in the bar when the first met or did Joe wait until the Sam exited to make his move? Did he buy her a drink? If so, how many? These are questions that are never referred to in the script, but as actor/ detectives, Marin and Brian took great pleasure in investigating all the possibilities. 

Also, early in the scene, the script calls for Joe to fix Sara a drink. He asks her what she would like and she replies, "Surprise me." Many actors might just wait for the director, or more likely, the props person, to place a bottle on the set and just pour whatever is in front of him. But Brian has been engaged in an active struggle to figure out exactly what kind of drink Joe would make for Sara. The actors keep trying out different options (vodka cranberry? scotch on the rocks? brandy?). Again, the attention to detail in the cast is remarkable! 

Jenny Mercein is the Assistant Director for Graceland.