So, today is our day off, a well-earned day of rest before we head into week three. Yesterday we did a stumble-through of the entire play. It's exciting to see how far we've come in just two weeks. The general shape of the show is falling into place, although Henry is still giving the actors permission to play around with the blocking, add new props, etc. 

And of course, these actors are still asking lots of questions and digging deeper into their roles. The family relationships are really starting to blossom though... Marin and Matt are finding lots of fun sibling moments, both in terms of genuine love and shared history, and (let's be honest) the kind of cruel venom and pointed sarcasm that is only possible between a brother and a sister. Marin and Matt have the advantage of having known each other for many years... although last time they were on stage together (at Williamstown, I believe), they were playing lovers (not too useful here, as Ellen has not chosen to tackle incest in GRACELAND... phew!). Brian and David are also developing a great father-son vibe- especially when noogies are involved!

Jenny Mercein is the Assistant Director for Graceland.