• Jodie Foster: Another Mrs. Anna

    Jodie Foster: Another Mrs. Anna

    On reconnaissance before Wednesday evening's performance of THE KING AND I, at the top of the stairs that tumble down into the main part of the Vivian Beaumont lobby, I saw her: Jodie Foster.

  • Students are in the (New)house

    Students are in the (New)house

    This week’s Wednesday matinee of THE ROYALE marked a first for me: I’d never attended a student performance in the Newhouse.

  • Kelli O'Hara: From "PIAZZA" to "KING"

    Kelli O'Hara: From "PIAZZA" to "KING"

    If you ask Kelli O’Hara about THE LIGHT IN THE PIAZZA and SOUTH PACIFIC and THE KING AND I – the three shows she’s done at Lincoln Center Theater – she replies, succinctly, “I’ve grown up here.”

  • Khris Davis: Outside the Ring

    Khris Davis: Outside the Ring

    "I’ve found that the scenario onstage is much more personal than anything in a documentary or newspaper clipping.”

  • How the Guard Became the King

    How the Guard Became the King

    In the summer of 2014, Brian Rivera, a member of THE KING AND I cast, was appearing in a production of the centuries-old Chinese epic THE ORPHAN OF ZHAO at the American Conservatory Theater, in San Francisco.

  • Opening Night: A Knockout

    Opening Night: A Knockout

    Timing plays a big role in every live performance – the exact moment when the actor delivers that crucial line, the precise beat when that blinding spotlight hits the stage.