• Just Mad About Maddie

    Just Mad About Maddie

    “I know what it’s like to bond with women in the suburbs based on motherhood and neighborhood.”

  • Michael Makes His Marc

    Michael Makes His Marc

    THE BABYLON LINE cast member Michael Oberholtzer discusses his character Marc's "magnum opus" and his preparation for the role.

  • A Final Word About Marvin and Whizzer

    A Final Word About Marvin and Whizzer

    Until this week, I wasn’t sure why I had waited until the end of the run of FALSETTOS to write about Christian Borle and Andrew Rannells.

  • Greetings, Friends!

    Fair readers, all, please lend an ear ★ We’ve made it (barely) through this year...

  • Josh Radnor's Journey to BABYLON

    Josh Radnor's Journey to BABYLON

    When I asked him to name the pivotal moment in his career, he replied, “Every job is my big break.”

  • Enter Randy Graff

    Enter Randy Graff

    “When I play Frieda, I am honoring my mother, who is still alive, and two of her friends, who are not.”

  • Students Pack a Matinee

    Students Pack a Matinee

    At the Wednesday matinee this week of FALSETTOS, at which 898 students were present, the degree of rapt attentiveness to the stage was extraordinary.