Lincoln Center Theater

HELLO AGAIN by Michael John LaChiusa, directed and choreographed by Graciela Daniele, is a musical adaptation of La Ronde Schnitzler's famous play about sex and class. Containing vignettes of ten couples, each scene is set in a different decade of this century but linked in a cycle where Person A seduces Person B, B seduces C, C seduces D, and so on, ending full circle with Person A.

This is a dark and funny piece - at times extremely graphic - about sex and fantasy, disappointment and joy by a young writer writing in the age of AIDS. "A ballet with words" is how director Graciela Daniele described it.


  • Judith Blazer , Carolee Carmello , John Dossett , Malcom Gets , John Cameron Mitchell , Michael Park , Dennis Parlato , Michele Pawk , Saundra Santiago , David A. White
  • Donna Murphy
  • Words and Music by

    Michael John LaChiusa

  • Directed and Choreographed by

    Graciela Daniele

  • A new musical suggested by the play La Ronde by

    Arthur Schnitzler

  • Sets by

    Derek McLane

  • Costumes by

    Toni-Leslie James

  • Lighting by

    Jules Fisher and Peggy Eisenhauer

  • Sound by

    Scott Stauffer

  • Orchestrations by

    Michael Starobin

  • Musical Direction by

    David Evans