• Soccer Mamma Mia Barron

    Soccer Mamma Mia Barron

    THE WOLVES "has made me think a lot about being the age of these young women, and the ways the characters feel so young and so old at the same time."

  • Opening Night: The Marathon Ends

    Opening Night: The Marathon Ends

    It was hard not to imagine a parallel between what the JUNK actors have gone through and what the NYC Marathon runners will experience on Sunday.

  • Hair Today, Hair Yesterday

    Hair Today, Hair Yesterday

    JUNK's wig designer, Tom Watson, discusses everything from 18th century mesh wigs to the show's 1980s hairstyles.

  • Laura Jellinek Talks Turf

    Laura Jellinek Talks Turf

    Athletic contests are often called “turf wars,” but what of the turf itself?