• Welcome to the Siam Saloon

    Welcome to the Siam Saloon

    “When I’m doing the research for a show, I sometimes have to delve deeply into the script or listen to the entire cast album before I decide what to name the cocktails. But with THE KING AND I, most of the names came pretty easily.”

  • Marco's March Madness

    Marco's March Madness

    March is shaping up to be quite a month for Marco Ramirez.

  • Playbills Then and Now

    Playbills Then and Now

    Then: the glow of a flame. Now: the glow of a cellphone.

  • Hail, My Friends!

    Hail, My Friends!

    Hail, my friends and give a listen ★ Festive lights are now a-glisten ★ Mute those phones and lend an ear ★ Christmastime is drawing near

  • Jason Scott Stephen Alex

    Jason Scott Stephen Alex

    An actor’s richest performances often arrive late in a play’s run.