• How the Guard Became the King

    How the Guard Became the King

    In the summer of 2014, Brian Rivera, a member of THE KING AND I cast, was appearing in a production of the centuries-old Chinese epic THE ORPHAN OF ZHAO at the American Conservatory Theater, in San Francisco.

  • Opening Night: A Knockout

    Opening Night: A Knockout

    Timing plays a big role in every live performance – the exact moment when the actor delivers that crucial line, the precise beat when that blinding spotlight hits the stage.

  • Rachel Chavkin on "THE ROYALE"

    Rachel Chavkin on "THE ROYALE"

    “When I first read THE ROYALE,” Rachel Chavkin told me the other day, “I had an experience I rarely have: I didn’t move during the entire time it took me to read it. I immediately wanted to direct it.”

  • Who Was Jack Johnson?

    Who Was Jack Johnson?

    Marco Ramirez, the author of THE ROYALE, has said that the play is inspired by the early-20th-century boxing champion Jack Johnson.

  • Anna, The King, & The Academy Awards

    Anna, The King, & The Academy Awards

    Every year, around this time, the casts of Lincoln Center Theater shows conduct Oscar-betting pools backstage, and so it is with THE KING AND I and THE ROYALE.