• Props for Props

    Props for Props

    Were I forced to shape a TV reality show around just one backstage professional, I would have to choose the props supervisor.

  • Exit "The King," Exit Anna

    Exit "The King," Exit Anna

    THE KING AND I closes this Sunday, and I could not conclude my running account of the production without checking in with Marin Mazzie.

  • With Daniel In His Den

    With Daniel In His Den

    Backstage in Daniel Dae Kim's dressing room, there is no sense of any winding-down.

  • The First Preview

    The First Preview

    “Before every first performance, my heart used to pound so hard I thought it would leave my body,” said Richard Burton.

  • Actors and Their Remedies

    Actors and Their Remedies

    A visit to the dressing room of Ruthie Ann Miles (Lady Thiang) is quite an experience. Throughout the room sit enough remedies to stock a general store.