LCT3Lincoln Center Theater

What is LCT3? It's another side of Lincoln Center Theater.


LCT3 produces shows by new playwrights, directors and designers - new ideas in a new space.

Under the directorship of Paige Evans, LCT3 shows are produced in a third venue (that's the "3" in our name). Launched off-site in 2008, LCT3 has now moved to its permanent home, the new Claire Tow Theater.

So what does LCT3 produce? Shows by new playwrights, directors and designers--new ideas in a new space. Now in its eighth season, LCT3 has produced sixteen new works: CLAY, STUNNING, WHAT ONCE WE FELT, GRACELAND, ON THE LEVEE, THE COWARD, WHEN I COME TO DIE, 4000 MILES, ALL-AMERICAN, SLOWGIRL, DISGRACED, LUCK OF THE IRISH, A KID LIKE JAKE, LUCE, STOP HITTING YOURSELF and THE WHO & THE WHAT.

In sum? LCT3 is about new artists and new audiences. That's where you come in. Join us. "Like" us on Facebook. Follow LCTheater on Twitter. Tell us what you think!